Calligraphy Pricing

Most calligraphy jobs are bespoke to my clients, therefore the following is to give a guideline as to my pricing range.

If you would like to receive a quote for a bespoke order, please contact me to discuss.


Envelope Addressing

For envelopes provided by client; £2.50 per envelope £2.75 per envelope (for metallic / coloured inks)

Place cards

£1 per name £1.50 first & surname or first name & table number

This is not including materials - different card types & colours are available & can be sourced.

Names adding to invitations / menus £1 first name £1.50 first & surname


From £8 each (for up to 20 words)


Wooden & chalkboard signs with hand-lettered wording & illustation

A2 from £60

A2 Table Plans, from £100

Ink Colour Match £15